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Complete your Surveys, or be BANISHED!
9 days ago – Sat, Nov 26, 2022 at 08:33:49 PM


It has come to my attention that some of you have not yet completed your backerkit survey.

It's not that hard.

Spare me your lame excuses, like it's Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, or you're too busy getting more brain cells installed.

Check your email, Maggots! It's not like I haven't sent you several reminders.

Or get your survey link here:

As for you other backers who have completed your surveys (well done!), you must pour your scorn upon the others for ruining everything.

One of the reasons I don't yet ave a shipping date yet is because I don't have FINAL LOCKED OFF ORDERS because some slackers can't be bothered completing their surveys.

If you haven't received any reminder emails or are having other problems completing your survey, email me personally and I'll get you the help you clearly need.

If it comes to it, I’ll complete your stupid surveys FOR you.

Do it NOW.

The clock is ticking.

Shippy McShipface
23 days ago – Sat, Nov 12, 2022 at 07:21:40 AM

I'm unsure why some Maggot has convinced me to use this title!

But I do bring exultant news in regard to shipping!

The minions have broken many an abacus in their efforts to appease the gods of frugality in these times of hardness now encircling the globe...

I believe, reluctantly, that fairness and hard work has paid off. Those in the USA will pay ever-so slightly more (about one dollar or so), while many others will now pay somewhat less. A grand outcome in world usually known for fear and greed... OK, you know I'm quite happy about the Fear part!

There are of, of course, some things to note...

* We do not control the worlds currency exchanges - expect some fluctuations.

* Some of you have not given us your real and full address (NO box numbers!). If you don't, the third party minions will not deliver your parcels.

* We do have some remaining goodies - there are limited numbers - so act fast - there will be another Update all about this soon. The Backerkit shop will close on November 30, 2022

* Confirmation emails will be going out very soon - so keep an eye out - maybe keep two eyes out. Ha!

* Oh, and here are the latest shipping costs...

Based on current AUD exchange rates:

Atmosfear Kickstarter Campaign shipping costs - Nov 2022


Shipping News
about 2 months ago – Thu, Oct 13, 2022 at 07:20:31 AM

Hello my patient ones,

Getting the best (lowest prices) for those in Eurolond and UK is taking time. However, we ar now looking at a solution to hub-ship out of the UK and Spain, this should bring these costs down. The aim is to have this sorted as soon as possible. Gimme another two weeks.

The great news is manufacturing is humming away. We just received an image of the test piece for the Sprecial Dice - we're very happy! (see snap below)

Also, pick up a copy of this months edition of Rue Morgue - there's an interview with Phil Tanner, one of the original creators...

Special dice test

Shipping News update
3 months ago – Mon, Sep 19, 2022 at 12:53:08 AM

Hello fellow travellers,

Here is a quick update on shipping...

*  The minions are working to see if we can get lower shipping fees for  UK, EU and Canada - give us a week or so

*  There will be a cap on shipping costs for maggots that odered multiple items - the minions will advise me once we have finalised UK, EU and Canada costs.


Shipping, shipping, shipping...
3 months ago – Wed, Sep 14, 2022 at 04:01:41 AM

Let's talk about shipping ...

As you have all heard, shipping costs have sky rocketed over the last few years - sometimes as much as 500%! The main reason we have held back with announcing shipping costs is in the hope that these costs would start to come down. The news is they have stabalized somewhat, although they have not fallen back to pre-pandemic levels. On average shipping is costing between 40% and 150% more than 4 years ago. Here is a link to a recent International  Monetary Fund ananylsis -

You will see global freight charges are up between 5 and 7 fold since early 2020. 

In addition, the lock-downs in China (where we are manufacturing) continue to have a dramatic effect on the manufacturing time-line - see following link:

Not only is this a disaster for the Chinese ecenomy it also means logistical delays in the entire supply chain - also, now effecting our delivery dates for Atmosfear™

We understand how frustrating and concerning this has been for our backers. We have now decided to list the shipping prices we feel are fair based on the current conditions. We have absorbed as much of these costs as possible. We have also applied a protocol where those who have lower relative shipping fees (due to us using two distribution hubs - one in the US and one in Australia) to pay a little extra, so we could somewhat reduce the fees for other backers from further afield.  We hope everyone understands and accepts our approach.

Delivery, unfortunately, has shifted by more than a month from the end of December 2022 to February 2023. This is still subject to no further delays with the China supply chain.

The last few years have been a crazy time in the World, it looks like it is to continue for a while longer - hopefully, a few laughs and scares from our 30th Anniversary Atmosfear™ products, not to mention the Graphic Novel "Lore of the Other Side" will put a smile on your faces when they arrive in your letterbox! 

We are very happy and proud of the packs we will be shipping to you all. Manufacturing has begun! The test runs look great! If there are any changes to delivery times we will let you all know.

See below a chart of shipping costs in different currencies and for different global zones. Soon this will also be available via Backerkit and you will soon receive the appropriate emails, etc.

TGK (I know I'm usually meaner than this, but the DFS convinced me otherwise)

Atmosfear 30th Anniversary Shipping Charge Estimates_2022